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Optical FilmsDiffuser PlateLight Guide Plate(LGP)
Optical thin film is a commonly used functional material, which can be applied in various electronic products and optical devices. They improve screen visibility and clarity, including reducing reflections and glare, increasing contrast, preventing fingerprints and scratches, and more.Diffuser Plate is a transparent flat plate commonly used in lighting applications. They can help distribute light evenly, reduce glare and reflections, and improve lighting effects. Diffuser panels are often used on the back of LED lights, fluorescent lights, and other light sources to produce soft, even lighting.A light guide panel (LGP) is a transparent flat panel commonly used in backlighting applications such as LCD displays, flat-screen TVs, and billboards.
Customized LED BARUltra-thin LED Backlight
An LED Bar is a long strip of LED light that is commonly used in lighting and decorative applications. They can be installed in various household, commercial and industrial places, such as cabinets, bookshelves, display cases, stairs, corridors, billboards and cars, etc.Ultra-thin LED backlights are high-brightness, high-efficiency lighting devices commonly used in LCD monitors, flat-screen TVs, and other optical devices. Compared with traditional CCFL (Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp) backlight, ultra-thin LED backlight has higher brightness, lower power consumption and longer life. In addition, due to its ultra-thin and lightweight design, ultra-thin LED backlights can also help reduce the thickness of monitors and TVs, improving portability and aesthetics.

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